A Perspective On Time Poster by Wait But Why (18"x24")

A Perspective On Time Poster by Wait But Why (18"x24")

$ 20.00

Type: Poster

Sku: wbw-perspectivewbw-poster-18x24-01pack

This poster is pretty impressive, crunching all of time from the Big Bang to Today into a normal-sized, 18" wide x 24" tall poster.

This is a poster of our original post, Putting Time in Perspective. You can also find a poster of the prettier, more bare-bones version of our post, made by Visual.ly, and a long, skinny version of this poster, on the poster home page.


This original Wait But Why Gicl̩e poster is printed on acid-, lignin-, and chlorine-free paper that is also pH buffered with calcium carbonate for a true archival sheet.

  • 120 gsm
  • Thickness 5.5 mil
  • ISO Brightness 90%
  • Opacity 94%

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