WBW Plushie Bundle Pack

Size Guide

Get a bundle of all three of our fun plushies!  These little guys are super soft and will always be there to remind you of all the things.

Instant Gratification Monkey

He's with you in the morning. He's with you at night. He's probably with you right now as you read this. So you might as well just learn to cuddle with him. And when he's really ruining your life, you can pick him up and slam him to the ground, or put him in the closet, or wring his little neck, as a reminder that this is your life and not his, goddammit.

From the post: Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

The Mammoth

We all have a Social Survival Mammoth in our heads, and now you can hold one in your hands, or, if you must, thoroughly snuggle with it. In the mammoth post, we talked about our goal: to tame the mammoth so he goes from being a lumbering powerhouse to an adorable little pet. This plush toy mammoth is your reminder of how seriously we should be taking the mammoths in our heads.

The Panic Monster

You're a procrastinator and the Panic Monster is coming to get you. This squishy, more adorable version of the real thing can serve as a warning, a reminder of what's going to happen if you don't get your shit together on whatever it is you're supposed to be doing. 
Sizing Guide

Measurements are taken of the front of the shirt.  For example, a Men's Small says Chest = 18", which means it measures 18" from left to right of the front of the shirt.   The full shirt circumference = 36" (front and back combined).